Staff Outsourcing

We employ workers and then avail them to a third-party user enterprise who then assigns them tasks and supervises the execution of these tasks. This concept is based on the Article 1 (b) of the ILO convention 181 of 1997.

Reduced in-house Human Resource Activities:

We take care of the day-to-day HR activities, allowing our Customer time to focus on the Strategic and Business functions of the Company. This means our customers can concentrate on the core objective of the organization.

Flexible staffing:

We allow you the flexibility to increase and decrease your temporary staff with the changes in workload. This is with the reduced hustle of sourcing labour, and the separation process when reducing your headcount. We ensure this is guided by the law, limiting your liability and legal exposure.

Flexibility in Benefits administration:

Whereas your temporary employees would claim certain employment benefits entitlements offered to your permanent employees, such would not apply to our outsourced employees, who are governed by our policies as the employing entity.

Cost Cutting:

In the highly competitive scenario that is prevalent these days, it has become imperative to use the available resources to the best of their potential and hire the manpower as per the requirements of the business at a given time. Staff outsouring services helps businesses to hire the resources as per their duration of the requirement which helps save a lot of cost and effort. This is the reason that the temporary staffing is gradually finding more and more acceptance in the IT and the manufacturing space.

Industries We Outsource Labour to:

Hotels and Hospitality
Information Technology Sector
Non-Governmental Organizations
Commercial and Trade sector
Medical & Health Sector
Agricultural sector
Event and Catering sector
Warehousing and Logistics
Training Institutions
Industrial & Manufacturing sector

Great Clients
Awesome Reviews

Outsourcing certain roles has freed up my time to focus more on big picture strategy, rather than being completely meshed in the day-to-day tasks.

It has helped me focus on relationship building and networking, which is quite essential to my business.


Menengai Oil

For the purpose of outsourcing payroll management services, including the submission of statutory deductions to the appropriate regulatory bodies, our organization contracted with Volt Management Services Limited.

Payroll management for all of our subsidiary companies was handled by Volt Management Services Limited.


NGK Spark Plugs

In the event of a sudden change in the plan, Volt Management Services Limited is excellent and understanding in their willingness to be flexible.


Auto Industries - Bajaj

True professionals are what Volt Management Services Limited are. They have always been polite, professional, and most importantly, productive in my interactions with them. When working with Volt Management Services Limited, you get the impression that they genuinely care about achieving your outsourcing goals.



The best choice we’ve ever made in terms of customer service was hiring Volt Management Services Limited!


Megh Cussions Industries Limited

“This management session improved my ability to lead, communicate with employees, forge connections, and increase team productivity.” I’ve gotten better at being aware of my attitude, recognizing behavioral patterns, and engaging my team in one-on-one conversations.

Joshua Olum

Keitt Exporters

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